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Elioplus is a business development solution in IT industry that helps you find new channel partners and communicate with them.

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Elioplus is a web based B2B platform that connects software and SaaS companies that offer partner programs with Resellers and API developers. Using proprietary technology it is making the process of recruiting new partners affordable and fast, eliminating the real problems that companies are facing when they are using traditional services like consulting. Elioplus matches with ease and efficiency vendors with SaaS and software resellers based on their partner program structure and partnership preferences using criteria like revenue model, training level, program maturity and more.

You can create a profile of your company, add info about your partner program if you are a Vendor or your partnership needs if you are Reseller, choose the kind of products you are offering or you want to resell and then Elioplus’ algorithm finds you the most suitable partners to connect with. You can also use the search engine selecting multiple criteria in order to see companies of Elioplus’ database and take a look at their profile info.

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Through Elioplus users can:
Find new channel partner through Elioplus advanced algorithm
Receive new leads right into their dashboard
Send direct messages to other companies
Rate and review partner programs
Post article links in Elioplus business development community
Communicate with their partners with Elioplus collaboration tool
Take a look of Elioplus’ communication tool

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Problems in the software channel industry

Partners in IT industry are facing 3 main problems:
They don’t have enough partners
They don’t have the right partners
They don’t communicate well with their partners
See how Elioplus can help you in your business development efforts

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Who can use it

Elioplus is targeting to all kind of software and SaaS businesses especially SMBs that don’t have the budget to use consulting services that are really expensive in order to find new partners and penetrate new markets. Based on research an IT Vendor has to spend up to $20.000 in order to enter a new small market and find his first resellers. Elioplus aims to bridge the gap between US and Europe (especially big markets like Germany, UK, and France) and also India. The platform has been developed to fill the needs of small and mid-sized companies but it can also scale for larger companies and enterprises.

How Elioplus is different

Unlike other solutions that offer outdated data about potential partners, Elioplus aggregates accurate information, up to date data and intention from each part to create a beneficial partnership. Elioplus goal is to become an all-in-one solution for business development and integrate or sync with other complementary and innovative solutions like ChannelEyes.

So, You can sign up free on Elioplus and create a profile of your company here:
Also, you can be part of Elioplus’ community here:

Christos Mantzikos
Marketing @Elioplus

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