How Data Science is Changing the Landscape of Channel Partner Management

What are CAMs using to make their channel more productive?

In case you missed it…

ChannelEyes hosted a webinar on Data Science and how it will change the future of Channel Partner Management on May 14th, 2015.

Historically, channel leaders and managers have relied on intuition to make important decisions about managing their channel, leaving it up to their CAMs to use their best judgement. Even the most experienced and well intentioned employees can’t make the right decisions all the time. These slight errors can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue and profit. This all used to be considered best practice, but now it’s time to stop managing with your gut and start managing with science.

What if you could use innovative tech to make your CAMs more efficient and productive? What if they had the tools to enable actions that are optimized, consistent, and aligned with corporate strategy?

In this webinar we talk about:
How to combine Big Data and Little Data to drive next best actions
When to notify your CAMs of important channel activity
How to identify your channel’s strengths and areas to improve
…plus, much more!

About the Presenters:

Ryan Morris
Principal Consultant, MMP, Inc.
Ryan Morris has more than 17 years experience in marketing, sales, and management in the technology industry – focused on building multi-tier channel programs and solutions. He has been a leading voice on best practices for translating channel strategy into actual sales results through effective implementation and execution.

Dave Geoghegan
Chief Technical Officer, ChannelEyes
Dave Geoghegan has more than 20 years experience in tech development and management in the technology industry. He has been a leading voice on technology best practices and the future of actionable business intelligence for the channel, giving presentations most recently at Channel Visionaries 2015.


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