The Solution

Running a channel program without advanced analytical support puts companies at a disadvantage in the marketplace. Tools that make CAM’s more effective, maximize revenue at the opportunity level, and drive partner improvement give forward-looking companies the tools they need to be successful.

Who It's For

Companies who are running a significant portion of their revenue through the channel. From Software vendors to Telecom brokers, if your channel delivers more than $5M in revenue yearly and requires your partners to be a part of the sale ( not referrers), then we can help

How we do it

We’ve got decades of channel experience and a phenomenal data science platform. We combine your data, externally sourced firmographics, and our analysis modules to solve many of the most critical problems in the channel today.How can I maximize the return on my existing opportunities? Which partners could be great partners and how do I get them there? Can I give my CAM’s point-focused predictive analytics which improves their returns?

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