[eBook] Platform Feature: Missions

Driving the Behavior You Want with Directed Activity

When the word “Mission” is said, it’s usually followed by “Impossible”. Tom Cruise coming in to save the day, usually with some 007-like gadget and a bungee cord. With the ChannelEyes Platform, our Missions are meant to be not only possible but productive. Missions are tasks that need to be accomplished within the channel ecosystem that will keep it thriving and successful.

These missions can be pre-selected lists that executives come up with for common occurrences, like on-boarding or sales training, or they can be a reminder of a day-to-day task that needs to be accomplished, like look at the new slide deck in the resource center.

Because this feature is so new, we compiled this eBook to help you get a better grasp of how missions accelerate and improve upon the existing channel.


What You’ll Learn in this E-Book:

What a “Day in the Life” looks like for Executives, CAMs, and Partners when using Missions

How Missions will Drive Behavior in your Channel

How the Platform Feature works on the ChannelEyes Channel Acceleration Platform

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