The Solution

Identifying which partners could be great partners is difficult. Understanding what investments in them will get them there is even more difficult. Predictive Analytics provides an evidence-based way to predict the likelihood a partner will be successful and what changes to the partners (training, MDF, Co-Op funds) will have the most impact. Calculating a true ROI of your MDF is now possible.

Who It's For

Companies who have most of their revenue coming from a small set of their partners. If your channel has 80% of your revenue coming from 20% of your channel, we can help lift your underperforming partners in a cost-effective manner.

How we do it

We build a data model for the success of your partners and use predictive analytics to help you understand the impact of various programs throughout your channel program. We also automate the process of developing partner specific improvement plans which drive more revenue for both you and your partners.

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